NEAR Protocol is still effective and worth buying.

NEAR Protocol recently saw a 40% increase, the jump taking place in the last 30 days or a month ago. NEAR is currently valued at $1.51, an increase of quite 44.69% at the time of drafting the article. this

What makes this relevant is the fact that the crypto industry is finally coming out of winter, with BTC and ETH leading the way. Other tokens following the trend reflect that positive sentiment is spreading. throughout the ecosystem

This increase is for several reasons. Including why NEAR is still strong enough to buy. Having said that, this might be the time for token collecting enthusiasts. If the future seems really optimistic

Starting with the first reason, it is reported that the NEAR Foundation has been launched. near da— Near Data Availability — especially for developers is about to be called a unconventional Innovative with a robust and cost-effective mechanism, NEAR DA was launched in conjunction with Madara, with StarkNet, Vistara, Fluent, Movement Labs and Dymension RollApps as early adopters. Additional platforms are listed to mark the product’s entry into the market.

NEAR DA is designed to offer a cost-effective and reliable solution for developers who can explore the benefits of a modular blockchain development landscape. Developers now have the power to create their own innovations for a small, predictable fee. What comes out of production is expected to be available to users at full capacity.

Next, the NEAR Foundation highlighted its plans for the next two years. There are two main components: Experience and Core.

While Experience is about features and real-world experiences for developers and users, Core aims to drive the scalability and decentralization of the protocol. Additionally, the move is the second phase of the segment to lift The platform level is 100 segments, with reviewers not being able to track subsegments.

Recent updates and advancements have increased efficiency. Near protocol predictionsThe native token is expected to break through the $3 level by the end of this year. Assuming that price continues in a positive direction, NEAR could reach ~$4.31 by the end of 2024.

NEAR’s Blockchain Operating System, BOS, is hosting a decentralized dApp store. This provides access to the initiative for more than seven million Coin98 users. Coin98 is committed to leveraging the decentralized nature of BOS to provide a better user experience.

Finally, the NEAR Foundation has announced a partnership with Polygon Lab For developing zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs for the Wasm blockchain and to enable better cross-chain interoperability, Blockchains with WASM or WebAssembly can now take advantage of Ethereum’s liquidity, according to the report.

The aim was to build on zkWASM and maximize customizability for developers. So that users can choose from a large number of provers while creating.

The NEAR community is strong. However, the value of the NEAR Protocol may be affected by external circumstances and news. The NEAR platform is still in beta. So some features are not yet available. NEAR’s future price will be affected by market sentiment. supply and demand and the growth of the ecosystem

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