Send crypto & NFT via text with Calaxy Messenger!

In a groundbreaking move, Calaxy has launched a revolutionary feature in Calaxy Messenger that allows users to send cryptocurrency and NFT collectibles using text messages. This new development makes transferring digital assets as easy as sending a message to your friends.

It is worth noting that most people find the world of cryptocurrencies interesting. But it was terrifying until recently. It is very tiring to have a public wallet address. Buy native network tokens for transaction fees. and match the wallets of both parties Such practices often leave users feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from what should be a positive and revolutionary technology.

Calaxy’s latest update is set to shift that narrative by introducing an easy mode for crypto transactions. Calaxy chat will enable Hedera-based crypto sending and NFT collectibles. The process is straightforward: in the case of a direct message conversation, the user selects the desired NFT or enters the crypto amount they wish to transfer and clicks send. The speed of Hedera Network Complete transactions within seconds.

Calaxy v1.0 currently supports HBAR, USDC and Hedera NFTS. This system aims to facilitate more than 20 well-known networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Calaxy’s webpage has a lot of details about the extension. these

Removing network fees for some transactions is a key part of this update. Calaxy admits that paying gas fees for straightforward transactions can act as a barrier to enjoying the crypto world, so they made an exception. Fees for networks with minimum transfer fees This works with blockchains such as Flow, Hedera, and Polygon with minimal transfer fees.

This innovative launch by Calaxy extends beyond just new features. Rather, it is a change in how currencies and digital assets are handled. By lowering barriers to entry and creating a user-friendly environment, Calaxy is democratizing the crypto world for more people around the world. Individual users may be affected on a large scale like this. This is in addition to the integration and acceptance of crypto and NFTs in exchanges and regular transactions.

Therefore, Calaxy’s move to introduce text-based crypto transfers and NFTs to its messenger app is an important step for the sector. Calaxy makes transactions easier. Make it faster while also removing technological barriers. This could play a key role in defining a new era that makes crypto and NFTs accessible to ordinary consumers.

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