Unknown facts about Jacob Bruce Fett.

Hardly life and education

Jacob Bruce Fett was 43 years old and lived in Hillsboro, Iowa. Sadly, he passed away peacefully at his home on Saturday, October 1, 2022. He was born on March 1, 1979 in Keosauqua, Iowa. His father and mother are Jimmy. Ray and Janet (Haynes) Fett

Academic and career journey

Jacob graduated from Harmony High School in 1997 and went on to build a fulfilling career. For two decades he worked as a supervisor at Dexter Laundry, where he not only found joy in his work, But he also shared fun pranks with his friends. In February 2002, he married Jacque Rae McDowell, beginning their love journey together.

Sweet memories from childhood

During his youth, Jacob had a passion for baseball and collecting baseball cards. Classmates remember him for his shy personality. sharp intellect Excellent math and science skills and his enthusiasm for hacking sack and ping pong competitions in his basement. He was also honored to be crowned the Homecoming King during his school days.

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Hobbies and interests

As an adult, Jacob had a variety of hobbies and interests. Jac was an avid collector of Blu-ray movies, vinyl records, and CDs. He enjoyed shooting pool, listening to music, and spending quality time with friends. He is known for his knack for finding bargains and great deals.

outdoor love

Jacob has a deep affinity for the outdoors. He often found solace in sleeping by the fire under the stars. He is fascinated by the night sky. And he shared this passion with his children. of him by giving them a telescope as a gift for Christmas. Riding a motorcycle and taking his daughter for a ride brings him so much joy.

He loved the time he spent shooting with his son and practicing the art of boomerang throwing. In his later years, he would often find repairs under the hood of his car. which shows off his mechanical prowess.

family and siblings

Jacob’s family and loved ones who still remember and cherish him include:

  • His mother, Janet Fett, lives in Bonaparte, Iowa.
  • His brother, Jeremy Fett, lives in Bonaparte. Iowa State as well
  • his sister Jenna Lee (Jesse) Short Lives in Bonaparte, Iowa, with her children, granddaughters Jagan and Jaylee Short.
  • His adorable children, daughter Jacey Fett and son Jackson Fett, both reside in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.
  • Jacob’s extended family included uncles, aunts, and cousins.
  • He also has many friends who hold a special place in his heart.

Farewell words to remember

Jacob’s father Jim, brother Benji Fett, sister-in-law Oralia Fett, grandparents Carole Jean and John Haynes, and cousins ​​Zachary and Jonathan Batten predeceased him.

Services and Memorials

Schmitz Funeral Home turned over Jacob’s body to a crematorium for cremation. We welcome family and friends. Come pay your respects at Schmitz Funeral Home in Farmington on Friday, October 7, 2022 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM. A heartfelt memorial service will follow at 6:30 PM with Pastor Chad Welch officiating. Please dress casually. in remembrance of Jacob

Honoring the memory of Jacob

instead of giving flowers Donations in memory of Jacob may be sent to Jenna Lee Short at PO Box 244, Bonaparte, Iowa, 52620.

A lasting tribute

In his own words Jacob once said: “Hold you on the flip side” as we bid farewell to this beloved soul. We treasure the memories and impact he had on our lives.

Schmitz Funeral Home of Farmington is assisting the family with arrangements. And you may express your condolences online to the family at www.schmitzfuneralhomes.com

Jacob Bruce Fett will always be remembered by many as a beloved figure whose kindness, humor, and zest for life touched him.

Contact details

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  • Location
  • Phone: 619-517-4124
  • Email: brucefett@gmail.com
  • License Status: Inactive

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